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It’s Your Responsibility to Create a Demand

I recently came across an angry rant from someone who had played a show in his hometown and wasn’t pleased with the turnout.  He berated the ‘fans’ / friends for not going to see his band and pointed out how many times he had gone to see their bands in the past.  This kind of outburst brings light to a few things:

  1. He isn’t grateful for the people who Did show up or for the opportunity to play
  2. He doesn’t take responsibility for creating a demand for his shows
  3. He’s trapped in a mentality of exchanging favors and obligations

My message is this:  Give people damn good reason to come to your show.  Take responsibility for letting them know about it.  Stop trying to get fans to do favors for you – it doesn’t work that way.  That approach is NOT sustainable.  The only way to be successful is to create a genuine demand.  If you haven’t created a genuine demand then it’s YOUR fault.  No one else’s.  It may be very painful to look at, but never the less, it’s the truth.  You need to learn more and work harder.  When YOU get it right, THEN the people will show up.  Turning the focus on them and chastising them for not behaving the way you’d like them to will NOT get your there faster.  It will only drive people away.

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