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The Power of Music

This post was written by Hunter Wade

Is music a responsibility? Specifically, as a musician do I have an obligation to honor the power of communication that music is?

I studied music therapy in college and we were taught a lot of things about the physiological effects of music. This article isn’t about showing or proving those effects.. I mean, if you are playing music there’s a good chance that you have felt connected, linked in, rooted in an energy beyond anything experienced in the ‘normal’ world and thus I don’t need to provide much evidence.. I’ve personally experienced altered states of consciousness from both playing and listening to music, that’s enough for me.

So if music can do this for us, don’t you imagine it has a power to affect everyone in this way?

A song is a structured form in which each participant gets to bring forth their own creative expression inside of a context that unites all participants in a single meaning.

Whether we are doing so deliberately or not, we are uniting a lot of people in a meaning every time we play a song. We are infusing them with an energy and sending them off programmed with that emotion.. We are handing out drugs.. literally aligning people with an idea.
Do we get to play an ignorance card here, or do we want to be held accountable to ourselves for what we are communicating? Maybe it’s accountability to the eternal idea of music.. I mean, what are we in our skin if not music, vibrations, rhythms, energy infused with meaning..
Now, for those of you who answered yes to the above, WHAT do you think we could do with music that would have a lasting positive affect in the world?

Many already are doing their best to share stories that shed light on the human experience. Composers are evoking emotions that have been dormant since we were kids. Bands are showing us the synergistic effects of creative teamwork..

What if we come together and state an intention to use music deliberately to encourage empowered thinking?.. empowered behavior?.. And I speak here of authentic empowerment, which is a self awareness and confidence that encourages individuals to bring their best self forward in every moment.

I’m curious how it may look. Do you think it’s already happening? Do you even think it’s possible? If not, what else do you suggest? Because I live in a really awesome world, and I feel like it’s in pain.. And I think music is the cure.

Maybe our Youtube videos could start going antibiotic. =)

I look forward to your thoughts and ideas because EVERYTHING, including this author here writing, the reader reading, and the very writing being read, started out as a thought.

Peace to the Single Cell!

This post was written by Hunter Wade

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