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Standing Out

Today I stopped by Amoeba Music in Hollywood. As usual there were dozens and dozens of flyers competing for attention. Some were bright, some were loud, some were beautifully designed and professional, but only one stood out to me – The one that was hand-written by a young lady from Australia on a very interesting piece of paper.

Check her out. Here’s a song that I like:

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2 Responses to “Standing Out”

  1. Becca Posterino says:

    I’ve been a fan of Ange’s music for years!!! Her music belongs on the charts but Aussie tall poppies keep her from blowing her own trumpet too loud… maybe some time in the US of A could help ease her confidence out and set her talent(s) free. Affirmation is essential for any rising artist, Here, here Independent Rockstar Blogger…

  2. Daniel says:

    Fantastic songs. She has that ‘dark love’/’strange attraction’ ambiance going, hidden on some of her brighter songs, but it’s there… The very dark, electronic one on her Myspace page is esp good, ‘Hearts on a Satellite’.