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Apply What You Learn ASAP by Entelleckt

If someone tells you “knowledge is power” they’ve told you a half truth. Knowledge is potential power. You have to take action to reap the benefit of the knowledge. Anytime you learn something new, you should apply it as quickly as possible.

I’ve made strides as a musician by making immediate application of new skills, techniques, and knowledge. For example, while reading about growing your fan base online, one of the things suggested was to enter a contest. As a result, I entered the song Gravity into the Coast2Coast Mixtape Feature contest. In order to win the contest, my song had to be one of the top five vote getters. I was forced to talk to people about my music in order to convince them to vote for me. You’d be surprised by how many of my friends and associates didn’t know I did music until that contest. In the end, I earned a spot on a mixtape hosted by Wyclef Jean and nearly doubled the size of my mailing list.

I benefited from making immediate application of a new technique when I setup the free downloads on my Bandcamp page as “pay what you want” downloads beginning at $0. Those who wanted the music for free were able to get it. Others made donations that would not have been captured if I hadn’t changed to the pay what you want model.

Come to think of it, everytime I’ve applied a new music technique, be it songwriting, marketing, or otherwise, it’s paid off.

Listen to ‘Gravity’ by Entelleckt:

[audio:|titles=Gravity – by Entelleckt]

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